Blueline Design



The original building was a carriage barn and later converted to the Stanley Club for General Electric’s employees and their guests for dining, socializing, and bowling. Later bought and converted to an office building by Elder Care Services, the property is now owned and operated as Home Instead Headquarters and Adult Day Care of Berkshire County. The renovations were performed to the existing ground floor to include new meeting rooms, office suites, HR, an adult daycare, kitchen/break room and new bathrooms.


01 Floorplan Reconfiguration

Reconfigured ground floor footprint of previously held Elder Care facility with new offices and office suites, particularly HR as this is a headquarters space, and adult day care room, reception area, kitchen/breakroom, and HC bathrooms.

02 Functional Upgrades

Improved lighting design for even, bright lighting, appropriate paint colors, furnishings, workspaces, upgraded the bathrooms, and a breakroom with new appliances and fixtures, both in the adult day care room and the kitchen for staff.

03 Visual Impairment Considerations

Even lighting to eliminate shadow patterns, and bright colors to give focal points, were considerations of the design to reduce visual stressors that may accompany clients with Alzheimer’s. The red doors to important rooms such as daycare and lavatories are a significant color callout, and the visual effect of even hues and soft patterns eliminates harsh shadows or textures that may alarm or disorient those with Alzheimer’s or similar progressive diseases.


Project Details

Designed by: Blueline Design

Cost: $275,000

Style: Contemporary

Location: Pittsfield, MA

Interior Rehabilitation

The project was for a continuation of an office use by the new owner, Home Instead.  The existing ground floor office space has been repurposed and reconfigured as the office building of the former Elderly Services featuring a residentially scaled daycare room, office suites for different departments, meeting and training rooms, a break room with kitchen, and accessible bathrooms.