Blueline Design



In cases where a shop owner has rental space in a change of occupancy, Blueline Design works with the owners in compliant design terms for these tenant buildouts, working within constraints of building codes without triggering significant changes in codes that become a cost burden to the client and, in many cases, are unnecessary.

Part of our work is acting on behalf of the business owner as a bridge to building inspectors and code departments to come up with the best solution for each project.

Every business is specialized, and we are equal parts a guide throughout the process and a student of your business so we can speak for you as efficiently as possible. These partnerships have been the basis of how we have approached our work with local businesses for over 20 years.


Depart Wine

Formerly occupied by The Gifted Child, work was to provide layouts, code review and compliance and construction control services for a new mercantile use as a wine shop for Depart.


Patisserie Lenox

Formerly occupied by an insurance agency, the work was to provide a new kitchen, retail display, seating layouts and HC bathrooms for a new pastry shop, Patisserie Lenox.


Great Barrington Pizza House

01 Project Description

A two-story mixed-use building with a restaurant on the ground floor and two residential apartments above, was completely gutted due to an accidental fire. While at both floors the entire interior layouts would be rebuilt new, work as designed and permitted was classified as a Repair after Fire, which is both reviewed with an insurance adjuster to verify extent of work is covered by owner’s policy, and meets building code requirements for a Repair and not as New Construction.

02 Project Scope

The scope for the rebuilding of The Great Barrington Pizza House included new kitchen equipment, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical layouts, customer counters, dining room seating, a new HC bathroom, new finishes, colors, and lighting. The completed design architecturally interprets and strengthens the former layouts and returns a very popular eating establishment to generations of loyal patrons.