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Operating in its original location held for 3 generations, Ward’s Nursery and Garden Center started with a greenhouse and open yard. Always a plant-focused business, the use of greenhouses is central to the operation of a nursery and garden center. Ward’s developed a business plan to grow their business over time and with phased construction estimated at the time to take place over a 10-year period. Blueline Design provided a Master Plan Design, Phased Architectural Design, and Construction Control Services.

Phased Construction

01 Planning for Growth

Ward’s Nursery & Garden Center has been operating from the same location for over 50 years. As part of their strategy to grow the business, a master plan was created to visualize site and building improvements that reflected their business goals and implement necessary capital improvements over a 10-year period.

02 Greenhouse Design Experience

Central to the plan of growing the business, the use of greenhouses brings the shoppers in for a visceral environmental experience from the yards to the greenhouse through to the purchase. Greenhouse design creates a unique shopping experience and integrated design centered around nurturing plants. It allows for cross-merchandising throughout the shop based on the flow of foot traffic in this plant-based business.

03 Site Planning

Efficient and safe circulation for vehicles, staff and customers is central to the success of the site’s layout and ultimately for an enjoyable shopping experience. The two key considerations were seasonal changes to the customer parking, seasonal access to yard and greenhouses, and a separation of customers from truck deliveries and employee designated areas.

Wards before 2

Project Details

Designed by: Blueline Design

Cost: $2,700,000

Style: Contemporary

Location: Great Barrington, MA


Like many family-owned nursery and garden centers, Ward’s Nursery originally operated on the site with a greenhouse, open yard, and retail spaces. As commercial truck deliveries and clients increased, a phased approach was needed.

After Through master planning design, architectural design, and phased implementation, at its completion greenhouses remain the beating heart of Ward’s Nursery and its bridge between the yard and the cash wrap no matter the season.